Life Lessons and Baking

real vanilla.jpg

I have been asking God to speak to me. Last week, I was baking again, (one of my favourite things). My son and his lovely wife had gone on a trip to Mexico last year and brought me some real Vanilla as a gift. What I have discovered about it, is this. I have to be really careful how much I use. If I use what the recipe asks for, all you taste is vanilla. All the other flavours are completely overwhelmed by the vanilla. I like vanilla, but not like that.

When I was baking I was carefully putting in my small splash of vanilla, I knew that God was telling me something, I was just not sure what it was until a few days later. 

I was sitting with a group of women, all wonderful but I know that for the most part, we interpret things of faith and life, quite differently. One person had spoken up and was sharing her heart felt wish on how she wished her relationship with her husband would look like. I was stunned to hear what she was desiring. I knew people like the open marriage idea- at least some, but I do not personally know anyone who would hold to that idea. I had many thoughts and things I wanted to jump in and say, immediately, I thought about my Mexican vanilla. If I said what I was thinking, my comments would have ruined everything. I remained silent. I am sure, at a better time, I can share what I believe to be a healthy marriage, rich, full of love and trust. She thought her idea was forward thinking. My idea would be the opposite of that in her mind. 

There will be another time, when I can share a little bit of what I believe to be true. How much and when, we will see. 

Remember- too much vanilla, or words ill placed or spoken harshly have the same effect.