" Suddenly"


I remember day after day, rushing home after school in Grade 5, to see if my cat finally had her kittens. Suddenly, one day when I walked through the door my cat Suzy was waiting for me. I knew something was up because she was quite a bit skinnier then when I left for school that morning. I followed her up the stairs and there in my brother's bottom drawer, were four kittens, each one different from the other. What a day that was! 

There are many times that we find ourselves waiting and waiting then suddenly, the waiting is over. If you are anything like me, and waiting is not your strong suit, then, this frequent occurrence in life, is pretty challenging. I don't think I know many people who are good at waiting. 

In the Bible, the word"suddenly" shows up many time indicating both good and bad situations. "Suddenly" a fierce storm rose up and the disciples were terrified while Jesus was snoozing in the back of the boat. (Luke 8:24). Jesus gets up and calls to the wind to be silent. The disciples are in awe as I certainly would have been had I been in that boat. Truth be told, I would have likely woken Jesus up even sooner!

The point I simply want to make today is, there are those things in life we wait and wait for then suddenly, the wait is over. It is a new day. God does a lot in you and I while we wait. I have waited 5 painful years to see one huge answer to prayer and I am finally seeing it... suddenly there was a change and the day came. For ten years we have prayed as a church for a new place to worship and suddenly, God opened the door. 

The challenge in walking with God is believing that one day, as we walk by faith and not by sight, things will indeed change. In the meantime, we walk, we wait, we pray and we believe because "suddenly", one day, things will be different and the wait is over.