A Gentle Reminder from God


Have you ever felt like you are never going to get there? Who hasn’t right?

A year ago, I took up running. My daughter had been encouraging me to download “Couch to 5 km”.and finally, I did it. When I run, everyone passes me. It bugs me. At least I run faster than the people walking.

I have always been hard on myself. I wish I had learned the art of extending a bit more grace to myself. It is something I am working on. I do find though when I run, I can think better. I used to run in my twenties and now I am almost sixty. That seems totally bizarre to me. I feel more like 42 or 43 not 59 years old! They say that you are as old as you feel. So- that puts me in my forties. I will take that. Running helps.

When I went running today , I saw a snail and he was stuck to the side of a condo. He was about 7 feet high on the wall! . I had seen that same snail ( at least I think it is the same snail) a few days ago when I was running. Even then I felt God nudge me saying “ see Donna, that snail did not get that high quickly, but he did it”

The Lord Jesus is kind and gracious with me and whomever calls out to Him. In Philippians 4:13 it says this “ I can do all things through Christ who strengthen me. “

What are you feeling snail like about these days? You are trying to get there but feel like you are going at a snails pace? Don’t give up! You can do it. Ask the One who is bigger than you. He can help!

The Default


My computer has a default setting it seems for just about everything. I was thinking how I am no different. I wish all my default attitudes and thought patterns was something I could truly brag about, but then I would be lying.

I think the first and greatest challenge I face it to respond instead of react. To react takes no thought- it is what comes naturally. To respond takes thought and reflection. It involves breathing and thinking - making a conscious decision to create a different outcome.

It is a bit like walking by the dining room table and seeing a bag of kettle potato chips( that I am convinced will be in heaven) and choosing to not grab a handful or three. That really takes a moment! It would take no thought to grab a big handful!

I think for myself and many people, how we respond to criticism whether fairly or not- is a huge challenge. It is hard to not take things personally. To make the first impulse response to listen and see what you might need to change and NOT get defensive- is really hard.

I go to God- talk it over to Him. He does give wisdom and peace. He helps us find a way when the contrary winds of life blow. But, He does wait to be asked.

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God . Phil 4:6

I have discovered if I run to Him first as my default the outcome is generally much better. I find He gives me grace and wisdom. It is curious that in the middle of it all we are instructed to give thanks. Usually we say thank you for things that truly seem to have a positive- not a negative. Giving thanks does seem to make a way for many things including a different perspective on the challenges we face every day.

Sticks in My Eye!


I was thinking today about some of those quiet ( hopefully) unseen attitudes that are in my heart. It is so easy to smile and nod, say kind things all while in your heart, you hear the whispering that you are so thankful they cannot hear.

I felt that this week. I was nice enough but through the entire conversation, there was a storm in my heart. I said all the right things. Later, I was talking to God about it. ”. What is it that skews my view so I cannot see clearly, or that causes the storm in my own heart. That is when I started to think- maybe I have sticks in my eyes.

God pointed out to me it is sometimes jealousy, bitterness, envy, anger, hurt, fear, stubborn attitudes - all of these and more I am sure, can skew my view and likely anyones view if we are to be honest.

The next question I asked the Lord was what kind of sticks are in my eye. As He kindly mentioned them to me, I confessed each one.

I thought about how even when a bug flies in my eye, how hard it is to see, how much worse when it is a stick!

In Matthew 7:3-5” Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.”

When I was praying today, I did not feel like there were multiple planks as I have walked with God awhile but I have to say, there were a few sticks there. And He showed me this. Maybe I have found a way to look past these things for awhile, but now, they are gone. All confessed and the Lord has taken them out.

How is your sight these days? What kinds of plank or sticks are in your eyes? It is funny, how easy it is to see who needs to get the sticks out of their persons eye- but so hard to stop long enough to realize, there are indeed a few sticks in our own!

Party Advice to Myself

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Every day I meet people, I notice what is on the outside, the styles, the expressions, the hair- do’s, beyond that, I do not see. I am met with serious limitations. I can’t see the heart, the motives,  nor can I see into the mind of another person. Even if they tell me, there is no guarantee that I am going to hear things as they were intended.

This is the season of many gatherings with friends and family. How many of those conversations will lead me to see and hear as I ought? I want to deal in truth and not false perceptions. I do not want to jump to my conclusions. I am well practiced at it sadly. I think I see clearly, but often. I am wrong, what I heard is not at all when they meant.

The only way I can know really is by taking the time to listen without thinking about what I want to say next. Listen without interrupting. Even if I know a story that would be perfect - except I also know it is way cooler or more exciting than the one I just heard, just let it pass. I don’t have to have the biggest story. Another good idea I need to remember  is no one needs to hear the bad news unless they are part of the solution. I need to be okay with asking questions, good ones that are more than a yes/no answer.

I was reading 1 Corinthians 13 a few days ago, I am reminded of what love looks like really from the Author of Love. Love is patient and love is kind. It keeps no record of wrongs.  It hopes all things and believes all things; love never ends.

I think most of usl have those people in our lives that require patience and maybe some extra grace. There are those whose errors in judgement, all the rotten things they have done, are all very fresh in my iron trap memory - yet, who am I really? God has forgiven me so much.

To live and love well, is to extend the standard of love that God Himself sets for us in 1 Corinthian .13. Before I go to another gathering or have people over, I think I am going to re-read that passage. Then I will ask the Author of love to fill me up with His kind of  love that I am so often short of.

The Hard Stuff


Today I was thinking about the hard stuff of life. Those things we should do, but frankly they are too difficult. It is easier to talk about running than to actually go running. It is simpler to speak about forgiveness than to truly forgive someone.

There are many things in life that are hard to do and so we dismiss them. I have made promises I need to follow through on and have not as of yet. There are books I should read that remain unopened. I also have projects I would like to begin but have not found the time to do so. Our getting around to these difficult things can be a real challenge.

What is it that stands in our way? Today I was reading Romans 8:37-39. These verses remind us that “we are more than conquerors through Him (Jesus) who loved us.” There is nothing that is too hard on my to-do list that through Jesus I cannot complete. He is with me and nothing can ever separate me from His love, His promises, His strength, His wisdom, His peace, and His presence. He is always with me. On this truth I stand and from this perspective I face each challenge as it arises.

Yesterday was the 14th anniversary of my mother’s passing. The anniversary of her death is a very difficult time for me, a valley. Yet, as December 6th comes and goes, I am reminded that the Good Shepherd never leaves me. His peace that surpasses all understanding is right here with me amidst the sorrow and the crushing loss I feel because of the loss of my late mother.

Life Lessons and Baking

real vanilla.jpg

I have been asking God to speak to me. Last week, I was baking again, (one of my favourite things). My son and his lovely wife had gone on a trip to Mexico last year and brought me some real Vanilla as a gift. What I have discovered about it, is this. I have to be really careful how much I use. If I use what the recipe asks for, all you taste is vanilla. All the other flavours are completely overwhelmed by the vanilla. I like vanilla, but not like that.

When I was baking I was carefully putting in my small splash of vanilla, I knew that God was telling me something, I was just not sure what it was until a few days later. 

I was sitting with a group of women, all wonderful but I know that for the most part, we interpret things of faith and life, quite differently. One person had spoken up and was sharing her heart felt wish on how she wished her relationship with her husband would look like. I was stunned to hear what she was desiring. I knew people like the open marriage idea- at least some, but I do not personally know anyone who would hold to that idea. I had many thoughts and things I wanted to jump in and say, immediately, I thought about my Mexican vanilla. If I said what I was thinking, my comments would have ruined everything. I remained silent. I am sure, at a better time, I can share what I believe to be a healthy marriage, rich, full of love and trust. She thought her idea was forward thinking. My idea would be the opposite of that in her mind. 

There will be another time, when I can share a little bit of what I believe to be true. How much and when, we will see. 

Remember- too much vanilla, or words ill placed or spoken harshly have the same effect.


A Little Hard of Hearing Maybe?

As I sat working today, I could not help but overhear someone speaking to an individual on the phone who was clearly, hard of hearing. 

PSALM 95.jpeg

The one woman was pretty much yelling to be heard. She was trying to tell the person on the other end of the line, they are picking them up at 3:00 for a hearing appointment. I know this, as I heard it - 3 times!

I wonder how often, God has not been trying to speak to me and I am the one who needs the appointment to hear God more clearly. In the middle of the many things which are easier to do, scrabble, baking, Netflix, Pinterest ( you will sadly note that the gym is not on the list) Stopping, and really listening to what the Good Shepherd who does speak to His sheep, is saying to me. 

For today, I think I get it. "Donna, I am talking to you! Will you listen! I have much I want to tell you if you would just slow down and listen to Me!"

When you slow down, get quiet, what is God saying to you? He is always speaking to us, because He loves us and longs for us to know Him better. Psalm 95: 7-8" Today, if only you would hear His voice and not harden your hearts as you did at Meribah, as you did in Massah, in the wilderness" 

God's people were not far diffrenent. They failed to hear God's voice, yet His call to them, is the same as the call to us " When you hear My voice, do not harden your hearts" 

" Suddenly"


I remember day after day, rushing home after school in Grade 5, to see if my cat finally had her kittens. Suddenly, one day when I walked through the door my cat Suzy was waiting for me. I knew something was up because she was quite a bit skinnier then when I left for school that morning. I followed her up the stairs and there in my brother's bottom drawer, were four kittens, each one different from the other. What a day that was! 

There are many times that we find ourselves waiting and waiting then suddenly, the waiting is over. If you are anything like me, and waiting is not your strong suit, then, this frequent occurrence in life, is pretty challenging. I don't think I know many people who are good at waiting. 

In the Bible, the word"suddenly" shows up many time indicating both good and bad situations. "Suddenly" a fierce storm rose up and the disciples were terrified while Jesus was snoozing in the back of the boat. (Luke 8:24). Jesus gets up and calls to the wind to be silent. The disciples are in awe as I certainly would have been had I been in that boat. Truth be told, I would have likely woken Jesus up even sooner!

The point I simply want to make today is, there are those things in life we wait and wait for then suddenly, the wait is over. It is a new day. God does a lot in you and I while we wait. I have waited 5 painful years to see one huge answer to prayer and I am finally seeing it... suddenly there was a change and the day came. For ten years we have prayed as a church for a new place to worship and suddenly, God opened the door. 

The challenge in walking with God is believing that one day, as we walk by faith and not by sight, things will indeed change. In the meantime, we walk, we wait, we pray and we believe because "suddenly", one day, things will be different and the wait is over. 

One Journey- Two Different Perspectives


Imagine the scene- it is a bright and sunny day, you are entering a valley, it is a beautiful green valley. The path before you is level, but there are some dips, some twists and a few steep climbs along the way. The birds are singing. You can hear the stream bubbling along beside you singing its own tune. We soak it all in, the beauty around you, the path before you, its challenges but you walk and the Good Shephard is right there leading you and you are grateful. 

Then there is another traveler, the same scene exactly, but that is not how they perceive it. They notice the sun, but there are clouds also, they speculate in their mind, it will likely rain today. Every dip along the way seems more like a ditch. The twists on the path cause a quiet unseen panic to rise. They like seeing where they are going. They wish they were not so very alone on this journey. The silence is deafening. 

Nearby the Good Shepherd is calling to them, finding ways for them to notice His constant presence. His love for them is unwavering, and His voice calling to them is unceasing.

Life with mental illness is just like the second journey. The first traveller may have many judgments and suggestions that begin with " if you would just..." If it were only that simple. Thankfully, the truth found in Psalm 23 regarding the Good Shepherd, is just as true for both travellers. Both are dearly loved. However, when you stop and reflect, if a Shepherd is really good, would He not watch a little closer to the one with a broken limb, an eye that is hurt and it skews its view? 

Dirty Laundry


I am not crazy about wearing my own dirty laundry, let alone someone else's. Last week, I had a weird dream. I found myself wearing someone else's dirty pajamas! I could not understand, why in the world I would be wearing them! It's certainly not something I have done or plan to do. At least not in real life. However, metaphorically, is another issue. More than once that particular week, I found myself the recipient of out of proportion emotion from people which left me feeling heavy hearted. As I sat and prayed for over these conversations, I realized that I really had experienced my dream in a strange way. There are times, we find ourselves in situations, where people are in a difficult space or under pressure and then, without even realizing they are throwing the dirty laundry our way. The next question is, what are we going to do about it? Well, just like we don't like wearing our dirty laundry or other peoples'; we take it off and put on clean clothes. God never meant for us to wear the dirty old clothes that belong to other people. One real stunner if you ask me, is that people are happy to have us wear it! The blame, the fault finding, the out of proportion anger- unless we have done something clearly, we need to go to God with it. Ask Him, is this fair God? Is there something I need to pay attention to? Or is this something I need to simply throw off and fast! 

 Let's not wear what is not ours, we have enough of our own to deal with!

" I AM Here!"

More than once I have been in a boat with waves so high I feared for my life. In John 6: 16- 21 we find the disciples battling high waves. They were rowing hard. It is out of the wind and the waves to the voice of Jesus is heard “Do not be afraid, I am here!” (Vs. 20)

Jesus knows that when things seem out of control, fear quickly swells in the hearts of people. He does not rebuke the disciples for the fear; He simply reminds them (while walking on water) that He is here.

I also find it curious as we read about Jesus walking on water, (not an everyday sight certainly) the waves are high and the wind must have been blowing considerably to create that height of waves. It was not a quiet, calm night our Lord walked out to His disciples. The conditions were rough for boating let along walking on water!

In our life and ministry, we find ourselves facing many challenges and sometimes fear rises quickly, remember that the One who walks on water calls to you and me with the same words “ Do not fear, I am here!”

He never leaves us and He continues to give us what is needed for every situation we face.

Jesus had not told the disciples while still standing on the beach “ Do not be afraid, I am with you”. It was not until the waves were high and getting to the other side seemed impossible those words of encouragement were given.

This same truth is just as true today, as it was that day on that remarkable day on the sea.

"Chains" By Michael Dyck

Chains, we don't see them hanging off our soul, but we do see evidence of them. Chains come several varied in the forms; unforgiveness, greed, addiction, the list, long and varied.

My son Michael sent me a beautiful poem he wrote to today reflecting on chains and where in this world we can find freedom from them.


Chains, chains I find myself bound.

I have walked down a path where there’s no way I could be found.

I am surrounded by lies where freedom is hidden in disguise.

So my heart cries as it’s tried to find the prize but left empty handed.

  Because I looked not to the heavens but to the earth and its sky.

 Oh chains, chains, you hold me from freedom.

I looked to the world for answers and what I walked away with has acted more like cancer

 It started with a taste of what they claimed was freedom,

   Now my life is surrounded with voices, I can’t silence the demons.

  So it’s for this reason I am calling out the world of the highest level of treason.

You have stolen my freedom!

 So now I turn my head from this world’s wisdom and look upon a different kingdom.

There’s a God who says “Come to me and I will make you without blemish or stains,

Bring your burdens, your disgrace and the things keeps you shackled and I will break your chains.”

He tells me to lift my head because I now have a reason, call on my name and I will silence all the demons.

Come to me child and I will give you your freedom.

 By Michael Abram Dyck,  June 2017







Chin Up!

I remember sitting in the Dr's office one day and my very wise Dr. saying " Donna, the way you feel today is not forever". I found it hard to believe at the time, but she was right. I feel great now. The struggles that I face are not my own, but they sure affect me. 

As I sat yesterday and wrote in my journal for awhile and simply reflected on what these last number of months has been for me. Difficult, frightening, exhausting, heartbreaking are the words that come to mind. I wish the list were different, but I would be lying. 

Dealing with loved ones, struggling with addictions is nothing short of heart-wrenching. Watching them struggle, one bad day after another, knowing where addiction has taken others in my family, leads my heart down a dark path. 

Psalm 121 has been the Psalm I have quoted and leaned into on the darkest of days. " For I look onto the hills, from where does my help come? My help comes from God, maker of heaven and earth."

I take comfort because we serve a Savoir who did not rise just a little bit, but rose indeed! He conquered death and He is all powerful, He is mighty to save. He reaches into the lowest hell and walks down the darkest allleys and is not afraid or turned off by the brokeness He finds there. Psalm 23 reminds us that He is a Good Shepherd, in this there is comfort and hope. Both of these things brings me rest for my soul. 

Whatever your burden today, chin up! God is big enough and loves you and is willing to carry all that weighs your heart down today. 

Five Top Things I would Tell My Teenage Self about Love

 1. Love will come to you, don't worry. You will be surprised and there is no need to fear. Trust that God is able to introduce you to the right man for you. And no, you are not ugly. 

2. You are worth the wait. Don't give what you can never get back. A dinner out does not equal and night of lovemaking, because that is not what it is, it is just plain sex. There is no comparison to be loved intimately by someone who will love you always and chooses you above all others is like expensive caviar.

3. You are not fat. The one who loves you won't care how much you weigh. Be the best you can be, but let's not speak horrible things about yourself.

4. The dream guy you had such a crush on, was bad news. Yes you thought life was over, but it wasn't. The right guy will come, just wait. He is way better than this guy. 

5. Your past is not a sentence you have to drag around. As you think about your future, God really does make all things new. You don't have to keep going back and wearing that old ratty sweater when God has something new and fits you perfectly. 












On My Side

Photo by pixelfusion3d/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by pixelfusion3d/iStock / Getty Images

I woke up this morning with the words of a Christian song going through my mind. " If God is for us- who can stand against us" and it keeps repeating over and over again. I think that God is reminding me clearly- that He is very near by.

I saw this poster on my time-waster- Pinterest. It encouraged my heart and thought perhaps it would encourage someone else as well. 

While somedays the rest of the world may seem too busy to hear what is on your mind, there is One who is never far away. His ear is always attentive to our call. He will not ridicule us. He is eager for us to come near and He promises to come near to us. 

On those days when there are people or circumstances that are running against us, it is always good to know that there is someone who is on our side- God. He is just. It doesn't mean it will all work out just perfectly, but He will give to us wisdom and strength for whatever we are going through. He also promises to fight for us when we ask Him to. Again, it is not always the way we thought He would go about it, but He remains faithful. He does defend us, He just does it on His timetable, not ours! 

Be encouraged today- for the Lord is on our side!

Walking on Water


One of the  hardest things I have ever done, was watch my daughter struggle with Crohn's Disease when she was 13. It was heart wrenching for us as parents. 

My brother struggled significantly with depression among other things . It is not solved in a day, there is no operation that will make it go  away. It is a long slow painful journey. Some people recover beautifully and some do not.  

There have been mornings when my heart was very heavy. Fear was nipping at every corner of my mind. "Where and how is this going to end?" Reading and writing out scripture has been very helpful. It reminds me of how big God is. 

It is so easy to allow the challenges- whatever they are to become bigger then the One who sees all things.

I was talking to God the other day on the topic of peace. I was feeling very little of it that day. I, like many people have a terrible habit of tying my peace and mental well being to the circumstances that seem to be screaming all around me. 

I asked the Lord, how do I learn to do that Lord, find peace in the midst of storms? He reminded me of the story of Peter walking on water ( Matthew 14:22-32). When you read and think about that story, you gotta wonder " why would Jesus who is all powerful, not keep the water smooth like glass while his brave disciple is walking on water?"

That is not what happened, there was a crazy wind and big waves! They distracted and terrified this disciple and immediately he began to sink. It is encouraging however, that as soon as Peter calls out to his Lord in terror, Jesus reaches out His hand and pulls him up and rebukes Peter for so quickly believing that the wind and waves would change his ability to walk on water. 

I confess, I do not like big wind and waves, just like I do not like facing the suffering I have and do see around me. Life is seldom without trials for any of us. One storm seems to lead to the next. How we respond to the storm is a big deal. 

When I talked to God about  this matter of peace, He simply reminded me to keep my eyes locked on Him and to remember that He is and always will be big enough for whatever trials and storms we must go through. My peace or lack of peace, is tied to where I allow my eyes and to heart settle.

Keeping our eyes locked on this truth is exactly what leads us to be people who" walk on water" in the midst of tremendous storms. 

A Solid Hope

 I had a dream last night, really in some respects, it was strange, but reflecting on how I am feeling some days, it made perfect sense. 

We all have those great days, when the path has the sun shining on it and the way before you is clear and uncluttered. Those are great days! I love those days! 

Then there are the days you feel like you are barely keeping your head above water and it seems like it is not be getting any easier. In my dream, I was up to my chin in water. I could barely breathe. Fear was gripping my heart, so somehow,  I got out of the water and walked away. The thing weird part was this tank of water was suppose to take me to somewhere better at least that was what I was being told. To me, I did not believe it, so I got out.  

Part of being human is to live by what we see in front of us, if a car is coming at you when you are out for a walk, you tend to move out of the way. When tough times come, the thought that often greets us early on is when will this ever end and where is the exit please?

Psalm 6 is written as a lament and the writer is not speaking to God about all the sunny days of his life. It has been a long and tumultuous journey and yet the Psalmist continues to look to God to hear his prayer for deliverance and takes comfort in the knowledge that God who is over all and above all,  hears his cry. Sometimes what we need most is the desire to know that someone hears and understands our struggle. 

Psalm 7 we see the Psalmist calling out to God to come to his rescue as well. He is in rough shape, that is very evident. I am not quite that bad, but I think we all have days when discouragement is nipping pretty badly at our heals. I like how the psalmist speaks so cofidently of God's unwavering love for him. I find constant comfort in the knowledge of God who loves me always and who is well aware of the place I find myself today. When I call out to Him, He hears me. In this I find peace and fear slips quietly away. May this bring to you the same encouragement and peace for whereever you find yourself today. 

God's Voice in the Midst of a Changing Landscape

Ps. 46.jpg

Sometimes plans change and not just a little bit. It can be deeply unsettling, in fact, it can steal every ounce of joy in you. In this festive season, we celebrate the joy of a Savoir, but sometimes frankly all the carols and shortbread cookies, cannot address the unsettledness of your own soul. Then what?

This is where I found myself yesterday. I was overcome by a situation in our lives we are facing. It is unsettling, to say the least. I felt like I had gained 25 pounds except it was not physical weight, but a heaviness that pulled from the core of my being. 

I took out my Bible and started to read Psalm 46. This is a Psalm that describes God who is present in the changing landscape- earthquake, mountains crumbling and the ocean waters surging and how the writer of the Psalm will not give into fear because "The Lord of Heavens Armies is here among us; the God of Isreal is our fortress". (Psalm 46:7)

The drive home yesterday afternoon was brutal but a gift to me. It gave me time to turn off the radio, sit in traffic and be still and know that God is indeed God. Psalm 46:10 tells us to be still and know that He is God". It is hard sometimes to remember that God is bigger then any mountain that is crumbling in front of us- hopes, expectations, circumstances

God's Voice in the Dessert

I have never been a desert wanderer, but I have camped in it once. As the darkness fell, out came the largest beetles I have ever seen. You could hear them rattling through the night. 

I was praying this morning and reflecting on the desert wandering of God's people after they left Egypt. Here we meet them, wandering, complaining and God's pillar of fire with them. It must have been an incredible thing to walk in the shadow of His presence. He provided manna to eat and sandals which would not wear out.

Somehow we assume, when God is so clearly near by- shouldn't it be easier? Should we not be trouble free? They found themselves chased by Pharaoh and his army. They felt trapped and maybe even tricked! And they were not silent about it. They let their displeasure be  known to Moses and to God. We know that God did performed a miracle right in front of their eyes, an experience that would be shared for hundreds of years to follow, 

How many times do we ask ourselves- what else could possibly go wrong? Does God not see that I am at my limit here? 

And yet- even in these difficult moments all of God's wonderful promises remain true. He says to us " Do not fear, do not look anxiously about you, for I am your God, surely I will help you, surely I will uphold us, with His righteous right hand. (Isaiah 41:10)

God is faithful to carry out His promises, even though it looks very messy at the moment. He has not ceased being faithful. God never changes. He is for us and not against us. He hears our cry in the dessert and will answer. 


Martha! Martha! Give Your Head a Shake!


  I am very much like Martha. I like action. I am not a good sitter- unless I am watching Netfilx!

I was reading the story of Mary and Martha the other day. I have spent a good part of my life defending Martha as I identify very well with her. I always think-" where would potlucks and parties be without Martha!?".  

When we think about the season ahead and the entertaining. f you are like me, I am planning menu's and scouring Pinterest for ideas. Like many- we love people through food. BUT, if it causes us to become so focused on the task- which is easier if we Martha's are to be honest, we miss the quiet voice of what our Heavenly Father may want to say to us. 

Every day, He has a word of encouragement for us from His Word or through a song we listen to. He is pretty creative, but we need to be listening. Hospitality is wonderful, but it is also very distracting. 

I have been and still am walking a very challenging path these days. Hospitality, really is far from my mind. Today- I need to get my footing for the journey I am on. I gain that through quiet moments with God and His Word. He steadies my foot each step. 

At this time, my dear Martha sister who thinks like me- when we take the time with our Heavenly Father this season- whatever that is to you. Know that God brings perspective and insight as we love and care for people along the way.