The Default


My computer has a default setting it seems for just about everything. I was thinking how I am no different. I wish all my default attitudes and thought patterns was something I could truly brag about, but then I would be lying.

I think the first and greatest challenge I face it to respond instead of react. To react takes no thought- it is what comes naturally. To respond takes thought and reflection. It involves breathing and thinking - making a conscious decision to create a different outcome.

It is a bit like walking by the dining room table and seeing a bag of kettle potato chips( that I am convinced will be in heaven) and choosing to not grab a handful or three. That really takes a moment! It would take no thought to grab a big handful!

I think for myself and many people, how we respond to criticism whether fairly or not- is a huge challenge. It is hard to not take things personally. To make the first impulse response to listen and see what you might need to change and NOT get defensive- is really hard.

I go to God- talk it over to Him. He does give wisdom and peace. He helps us find a way when the contrary winds of life blow. But, He does wait to be asked.

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God . Phil 4:6

I have discovered if I run to Him first as my default the outcome is generally much better. I find He gives me grace and wisdom. It is curious that in the middle of it all we are instructed to give thanks. Usually we say thank you for things that truly seem to have a positive- not a negative. Giving thanks does seem to make a way for many things including a different perspective on the challenges we face every day.